“I especially enjoy myself when I’m exploring things that are new to me” says Anil Macwan, who is an iPad-musician, multi-instrumentalist, psychologist and strategist. And his most recent shiny new object is vocal driven pop music with an eighties twist, made on iPads.

The Berlin-based singer plays guitar, piano, drums, bass and sitar on his songs with his voice channeling “the rough vocals charms of Violent Femmes, Jonathan Richman and Joe Strummer, yoked to a percolating rhythm track” (WIRED Magazine). He developed from an emotional singer-songwriter into a pop musician that heavily flirts with eighties music.

Anil is fascinated by the disruption that iPads are currently causing in music production. Many innovative music apps constitute completely new instruments, a sheer neverending array of new possibilities for musicians, one that Anil embraces and creates his music with. And something that additionally frees him from being bound to work in music studios.

His music almost always incorporates some kind of twist. For his other electronic music project “Berlin Bombay”, that twist is nineties retro house. For his solo work under his name “Anil Macwan” it is the enthusiasm, joy and playfulness that eighties synths embody to him. They stand for a new hope, a lightheartedness that he thinks is sometimes lost in contemporary pop culture. And as he puts it: “At the verge of the twenties we may be facing a lot of difficult challenges. But hopefully we will also enter this decade with enthusiasm and euphoria towards the present and the future. And enjoy ourselves and our togetherness once in a while.” For Anil this creates purpose and meaning during our journey, a feeling most of us are craving. And something that cannot be achieved but can only be enjoyed along the ride.

With every new song he releases with his projects, Anil releases a performance music video. He also sets his songs to retro influenced vignettes on his Instagram story, striving to form a continuous stream of creativity.

His interest in psychology and communication turned him into a psychologist and consequently into a position as an advertising strategist. There, his ambition led him to write, perform and produce the main song for a worldwide HEAD Tennis TV campaign overnight – which put him on the map for ad music production. Anil has written numerous ad music productions ever since, through which most people in Europe have heard his music in ads at some point, if unknowingly. He continues being the creative director for his boutique audio production house. In his work as an advertising music composer, he learned to love fast turnaround times and the thrill of the deadline.

Anil was raised by his Indian mother and German father in Berlin. He started DJing and performing live in the experimental electronic music scene in Berlin around 2000. Still being underage, he performed alongside artists like Gonzales, Atari Teenage Riot and Peaches (who gave him his artist name at the time).

These were the years that sparked Anil’s curiosity for the new. Anil doesn’t know where his journey will lead him. But he tries to not forget to enjoy himself every now and then, being happy where he is today. And we all deserve to be happy.